Our Story

Since its formation in 2006, Lung Biotechnology has
been driving innovative projects that stimulate the
imagination of what the therapeutic future looks like.

A biotech within a biotech, Lung Biotechnology is a development arm within
United Therapeutics. As a public benefit corporation, it is uniquely
positioned to work across higher risk, early stage R&D.



United Therapeutics Corporation was founded
in 1996 by Martine Rothblatt following her
daughter's diagnosis with pulmonary arterial
hypertension (PAH). A biotech company born
out of exceptional circumstances, United
Therapeutics develops unique products for
chronic and life-threatening cardiovascular and
infectious diseases as well as cancer.


Under the name of Lung Rx, Lung Biotechnology
was established in 2006 as part of United
Therapeutics’ work to address the unmet needs
of PAH patients. A biotech within a biotech, the
company has played an integral role since its
creation, serving as the development arm within
United Therapeutics.


In 2015, Lung Biotechnology became the first
public benefit corporation subsidiary of a public
biotechnology or pharmaceutical company. The
company is currently focused on addressing the
acute national shortage of transplantable lungs
and other organs with a variety of technologies
that either delay the need for such organs or
expand the supply.

As we look to the future
and continue to evolve as a
company, we are focused
on reaching the moonshot
goals that were once
deemed impossible.