Our Mission

Our mission is to use biotechnology to simplify
and democratize the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and other fatal organ diseases.


Inside every invention is
the fire of desire, faith,
and bravery.

Our vision is to discover brilliant ideas that are waiting to be realized. We advocate for new applications, inspired concepts, and big ideas that have the potential to change our patients' lives.

As a team, we ask ourselves "What if?" and let our imagination forge the pathway ahead.

We at Lung Biotechnology focus on solutions for
patients. We concentrate on what we "will do" rather
than what we "should have done".


Deeply Human

We are a team of iconoclastic
thinkers, doers, and creators
linked by a desire to help benefit
patient lives – our neighbors, our
friends, our family, and even
strangers – because everyone
deserves the chance to breathe.


Our vision is 360° and beyond.
Not only do we look ahead to
what is coming around the corner,
we also look up above to the
heights we aim to reach. We love
the random genius that can be
sparked by working collectively.
We thrive on finding connections
where none seem to exist. We
are innovative, ethical and
creatively unbound.


We follow the right path, no
matter the terrain in our quest
towards innovative solutions.
Our guiding question is "does
this work morally, spiritually
and financially?" The answer
must always be "yes".

Mission Centered

Our dreams reach into the
future. Our reality is rooted
squarely in the present. We
identify a need and then focus
on today as the first step
towards tomorrow. Today is
where the work takes place.
Tomorrow brings success.


Ideas pass like comets we grab
before they flare. We pivot on a
thought and leap at connections
that others trample. Lean and
focused, we are in business to
help everyone breathe.


Driven by our passionate belief
in a solution, our team bounds
ahead, exploring deeper with
novel thoughts, following
untrodden paths. Sure, we hit
walls, but we see them as blank
canvases where we will paint
our vision of the answer.