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  • We Breathe Life

    "Our company is about using the miracles of biology and the ingenuity of technology to create the most beneficial therapies we can."

    Martine Rothblatt, PhD, JD
    President and CEO

  • Research & Development

    Patient focus drives innovative thinking about new technologies.

    Our focus on finding a way to help every person with PAH has led us to explore various technologies and products. Lung perfusion is a major focus of our work as we develop ways to preserve and assess lungs for transplant.

  • Research & Development

    Improved access to transplantable lungs could greatly improve odds for PAH patients.

    XenoLung seeks to increase access to and improve outcomes after lung transplantation for people with PAH and other fatal lung diseases. The promise of lung transplantation as an effective therapy for PAH and other fatal lung diseases is widely accepted.